Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yahoo Cheat Sheet

Here are the top Yahoo Search Shortcuts that will make your Yahoo search experience fast, fun, and ultimately efficient. You'll find that using these Yahoo Search Shortcuts will greatly cut down on your Yahoo search time, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much good stuff that Yahoo has to offer with just a few simple commands.

Yahoo Shortcut Finds Pages That Have...
nokia phone the words nokia and phone
sailing OR boating either the word sailing or the word boating
"love me tender" the exact phrase love me tender
printer -cartridge the word printer but NOT the word cartridge
Toy Story +2 movie title including the number 2
synonym soda looks up the word soda and synonyms
define cornucopia definitions of the word cornucopia
how now * cow the words how now cow separated by one or more words
+ addition; 978+456
- subtraction; 978-456
* multiplication; 978*456
/ division; 978/456
^ raise to a power; 4^18 (4 to the eighteenth power)
convert(conversion) convert 2 miles to inches
site:(search only one website) “invisible web”
link:(find linked pages)
originurlextension:(restrict search to specific filetype) zoology originurlextension:ppt
title: (search for keywords in page title) title:Nike
inurl:(restrict search to page URLs) inurl:chewbacca (specific domain search),,, etc.
site:country code (restrict search to country) “rio de Janeiro”
map map Portland Oregon
weather weather 97110
define define misanthrope
news news White House
### (find area code) 503
gas (find gas prices gas 97132
traffic (find traffic reports) chicago traffic
search local listings corvallis oregon plumber
zip codes zip code watertown new york
movie showtimes showtimes 45678 (zip)
sports scores astros scores
stock quotes quote ncesa
images cheese images
videos surf videos
airport info seatac airport
flight status Alaska Airlines 45
aircraft registry (number of plane) 784r5
book price type in ISBN number
facts(encyclopedia definitions) warthogs facts
package tracker For UPS, type tracking code.FedEx=fedex:tracking code.USPS=usps:tracking code.
patent: (find patent info) patent:4567894
vehicle history type in VIN number
time zones time in paris
yellow page(need zip and topic) 97110 pizza
[!] operator(instantly go to any Yahoo service mail! or fantasy football! or reference!
hotels(find hotels) Yakima hotels